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NEP3, Inc. is licensed distributor of "Virtual Command" (a trademark of Net Talon)
NEP3's "Best Practice Solution" for school safety is called VIRTUAL COMMAND

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Virtual Command | Watch Video of the Safest School in America

Shooter Tecnologies

The mission of NEP3 is to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution to school safety. The goal is to have the safest environment possible and to avoid the mass injuries and killings that have occurred in previous shootings, all while giving law enforcement the command and control necessary to make a successful rescue. All parties, the teachers, students, school personnel and law enforcement have a role to play in making this possibility a reality. Our "Best Practice Solution" for school safety is called VIRTUAL COMMAND.     Click here to view 2017 Virtual Command in powerpoint. (Requires saving to your desktop to view).

VIRTUAL COMMAND is an integrated system of hardware and software that connects a school to law enforcement for actionable intelligence. VIRTUAL COMMAND was designed specifically to protect schools in the event that an Active Shooter situation were to arise. No other system known today is capable of providing the real-time information to law enforcement that VIRTUAL COMMAND can provide. In short, VIRTUAL COMMAND saves lives.

VIRTUAL COMMAND was created by experienced professionals in the security industry who had been trained in the world of "intelligence gathering." The process included seeking out the help and support of the men and women who are on the front line providing protection every day; the First Responders. Their knowledge and experience was indispensable in creating this revolutionary solution to school safety. VIRTUAL COMMAND provides an instant ALERT to local dispatch centers, PROTECTION for all those trapped in a school, the ability to LOCATE/IDENTIFY THE THREAT, the ability to TRACK THE THREAT, RESTRICT THE THREAT'S MOVEMENT, DISRUPT THE THREAT'S ATTACK and the overall ability to NEUTRALIZE THE THREAT. No other system today can boast of such abilities.